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Kulturna Ponuda Ljeta ‘57

50,00  ~376,72 kn

Size: 50 x 70 cm / 19¾ x 27½ inch
Paper: Sappi Raw 170 gms
Edition size: 50
Premium fine art print
Numbered and each individually signed by Smack
Bonus sticker

Note: print comes without frame

In stock



Limited series of prints “Cultural offer of summer ’57” with historical photos of Zagreb and contemporary twist.

At a time when the print media was one of the few sources of information, charming advertising poles proudly advertised numerous cultural events in Zagreb. This is still evidenced today by the layers of advertising posters on them. Meanwhile, graffiti is part of the city’s new cultural offer, offering a different form of art and communication.

Zagreb graffiti artist Ivo Kosanović Smack set off with an imaginary DeLorean seventy years ago and in new exclusive art prints in limited quantities offered his vision of the fusion of the past and the present.

Author of original photo: Šime Radovčić (1957)

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